Core HubSpot Implementation with Hand-Holding

Based on HubSpot’s own standard onboarding, Digifianz offers a new Core Implementation with an improved experience for companies in four crucial aspects: implementation assistance, speed, know-how and price.


Table of contents HubSpot Core Implementation:

Applies up to the Professional plan of Sales, Marketing, Service and CMS Hubs.

What's the difference compared to HubSpot's Onboarding?

  • Hand-holding

    Our HubSpot onboarding specialists dedicate 50% more hours per onboarding than a traditional HubSpot Onboarding. This allows us to not only dive deeper into your company’s needs, but to also directly implement crucial parts of the CRM setup during the project management calls. Meaning that you will not only learn how to do things, but you'll leave each session closer to a fully functioning Hub.

  • Speed

    Our hand-holding approach (with 50% more time investment and direct implementation) allows for a weekly meeting format, so our onboarding usually takes 50% less time to complete and get you going in HubSpot.

  • Know-how

    HubSpot's main focus is to develop the best CRM platform in the world, ours is to provide the best talent to help you implement and use it. Digifianz is a top ranked HubSpot Diamond Partner, winner of Rookie of the Year and Customer First Awards. Our +7 years of experience, together with these awards, prove we have what it takes to successfully implement HubSpot according to your company's unique needs. 
  • Price

    HubSpot’s onboarding can entail paying up to $14 K in onboarding fees. As long time HubSpot partners that work with complex implementations and Onboardings, we believe access to HubSpot should have a lower barrier to entry. That’s why our Core Implementation price is not profit based, but rather priced at-cost so that we can help as many companies as possible take full advantage of the value that HubSpot has to offer.

Is this onboarding for me?

Our Core Implementation with Hand-Holding  is for those who need more than a HubSpot's Normal Onboarding, however it's not the best option for all companies. If these points apply to you, chances are you're the right fit:

  • You want to start using HubSpot right away.

  • You are a small to mid-size company with simple Marketing , Sales, Service and CMS processes/needs.

  • You want to learn about HubSpot.

  • You want your company to be able to use HubSpot independently.

  • You need practical guidance to resolve specific challenges.

Setting your Onboarding Goals & Implementation

Accomplish your top three goals per hub. We'll help you set goals according to your business needs and challenges depending on the Hubs you need to onboard:

  • Sales Hub:
    • Reach your prospects
    • Automate your Pipeline
    • Create reports and track goals
  • Marketing Hub: 
    • Know your audience
    • Nurture your leads
    • Personalized Marketing at Scale
  • Service Hub: 
    • Triage customer support effectively
    • Minimize response times
    • Track Performance
  • CMS Hub: 
    • Optimize your website
    • Make your website more engaging
    • Create reports and track goals

Meetings and Objectives (5 meetings)

Kick Off Call (1 meeting)

You'll get the necessary technical set-up and guidance to accomplish your top HubSpot goals along with the knowledge to maintain your HubSpot account. Here a detail of the meeting agenda:

  • Introductions.
  • What to expect (from the onboarding process & from us).
  • Business Discovery Highlights.
  • Deep dive into your company and trajectory.
  • Goals overview & timeline.
  • Next Steps.

Project Management & Implementation Calls (3 meetings)

We will be there along the way to keep the project on track and help you and your team overcome obstacles so you can reach your goals faster.  Here the detail of these meetings agenda:

  •  Check-in on progress, and review any delayed tasks, and help you overcome delays.
  • Complete up to 4 main setup tasks that you would like to prioritize, ideally connected to the main goal for the meeting.
  • Complete three tasks related to the goal in question, leaving you with resources that you can start implementing right away. Some examples include:
    • Custom properties
    • Workflows
    • Lists
    • Drag and Drop email templates

Growth Planning Call (1 meeting)

We will be there along the way to keep the project on track and help you and your team overcome obstacles so you can reach your goals faster.  At the end of the onboarding, we will have one final meeting where we will review:

  • Onboarding Experience Overview
  • Recommendations for Growth
  • Future Opportunities (additional ways in which your company can get even more out of HubSpot in the long term)
  • What now? At this point the onboarding with us will be completed. If your team would like additional assistance, we would be happy to provide you with ongoing support services — otherwise you're free to go on your way and use HubSpot independently, no strings attached.

Everything is in HubSpot Projects: no additional tools or project management software.


Instead of using a third-party tool to manage the project, we use HubSpot directly. This will keep your team always within the platform and make it easier for everyone to follow and complete the tasks while gaining familiarity with HubSpot's UI.

Interested in a Core HubSpot Implementation with Hand-Holding?

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