HubSpot Support

Customized support for your specific needs — no more no less.

Looking for HubSpot Support personalized to you and your team's needs?

With our HubSpot Support service, you will be able to reserve dedicated time with our top HubSpot experts and consultants. You can use this time as you see fit, and you can change this plan at any time according to the changing priorities within your organization. This type of support is perfect for organizations looking for an agile and flexible approach to onboarding.

If you are looking for a more structured experience, you may be a better fit for a Custom Onboarding or a Standard Onboarding


What's Included in our HubSpot Support Service?

The support hours that you reserve with us can be used in a variety of ways, according to your needs, such as:

  • Meetings with your dedicated consultant.
  • Training for your team.
  • Implementation within HubSpot

Some examples of elements that our support team can implement within each Hub include:

Sales Hub:

  • Pipeline creation
  • Deal stage configuration and automation
  • Deal creation setup and automation
  • Deal assignment and automation
  • Custom deal property setup
  • Lead qualification and lead score setup
  • Deal record customization
  • Deal-based workflow setup
  • Sequence creation
  • Sales email template creation
  • Snippet creation
  • HubSpot calling guidance
  • Email tracking and logging guidance
  • HubSpot meeting link setup
  • Product and quote setup
  • Sales document setup
  • Sales process performance reporting
  • Sales representative performance reporting
  • Setup of native integrations
  • HubSpot-side guidance for custom integrations 
  • Sales Hub Training for your sales team

Marketing Hub:

  • Buyer persona setup
  • Lifecycle stage and Lead score setup
  • Marketing automation to qualify and communicate with leads
  • Ads and Social Media account connections
  • Branding setup
  • Email marketing setup
  • Social media setup
  • Landing page setup
  • Forms setup
  • CTA and pop-up form creation
  • Custom contact and company property setup
  • List and view creation
  • Chatbot setup
  • Marketing team inbox setup
  • Analytics and website setup guidance
  • Setup of native integrations
  • HubSpot-side guidance for custom integrations 
  • Lead segmentation and channel performance reporting
  • Basic and strategic training for your team 

Service Hub:

  • Knowledge base setup assistance
  • Customer survey setup
  • Service bot or live chat setup
  • Ticket pipeline setup
  • Ticket creation setup and automation
  • Ticket assignment automation
  • Custom ticket properties
  • Ticket customization
  • Ticket workflow automation
  • Service team training for HubSpot
  • Service email template creation
  • Service sequence creation
  • Service snippet creation
  • Omnichannel team service inbox
  • Self-service customer portal setup assistance
  • Ticket pipeline performance reporting
  • Service team performance reporting

If you are implementing multiple Hubs together, you can work with your HubSpot Specialist to pick and choose across these lists, or even see if you can include something different.

Our Plan for Success

While our HubSpot Support service is completely flexible, we do have a methodology behind this offering to ensure you are able to achieve the progress that you expect within HubSpot.

For this reason, every HubSpot support project will start off with a Kickoff and project planning meeting, where we will review what your main needs and goals are and review a bit about your company. 

At the end of the call, we will ideally have 3-5 main overarching goals that you would like to have achieved with our support services, including one short-term goal that you would like completed. 

After this kickoff call, your HubSpot specialist will create a project plan that aims to address your goals by specific dates. 

You will then meet periodically with your HubSpot Specialist to check in on progress so far, request feedback from you, and review any questions you may have for us. For these meetings, we generally recommend at least a 30-minute meeting once per week.

Setting Expectations

How you can get the most out of our services:

  • Timely provision of relevant resources, accesses, and feedback.
  • Availability of an average of 30 minutes per week to check in on progress.

What you can come to expect of us:

  • Continuous communication
  • Transparency throughout our projects together
  • A team that has your best interests at heart, since your interests are our interests
  • Hard working and innovative team members.

Why Us?

As HubSpot diamond partners with nearly 10 years of experience specializing in HubSpot, we have the experience and high-quality talent it takes to provide you with the consultancy and implementation services you need. 

We also see our relationship with our clients as one of partnership — your success is our success, so we want nothing more than to see you excel within HubSpot.

Wondering if we're the right fit for your company?

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