Automated Workflows

Contact your leads at the right time and increase conversions with time-saving automated workflows.

Why do it

Automated workflows harness your customers' data records to segment your contacts better, trigger personalized marketing and sales actions and keep your database updated.

With HubSpot's Workflow Tool, you could create a workflow from zero or profit from a template.

What’s included

  • Project management
  • Conversion path setup
  • Email creation
  • Workflow creation and optimization

What it requires

  • HubSpot Marketing Professional License
  • Brand Manual
  • Inbound Blueprint

What to expect

You'll benefit from all the possibilities automated workflows can give you: updated database, opportunities follow-up, automated triggered actions, automated lead assignation, and much more.

Our dedicated team will guide you and implement these workflows following a strategic plan and a rigorous timeline. Time-saving automated workflows start by knowing what to do and how to do it.