Marketing Strategy Creation

Are you adequately communicating the value your company provides to your target market? Identify, plan, and monitor your progress towards achieving key business goals with a defined marketing strategy.

Looking to stimulate qualified lead generation and showcase the value that your company provides, while optimizing your ROI? A marketing strategy is key.

Without a strategy it's easy to lose focus, stray from key objectives, and under-perform while using excess resources. A comprehensive marketing strategy is key to generating solid and consistent results, ensuring that the work your team does reflects in your company's bottom line. Plus, with custom reporting available in the HubSpot Marketing Hub, you will be able to attribute this growth to specific campaigns and tactics. 

If you are looking to generate real results with your marketing actions, a solid marketing strategy is a must


  1. What is included with Marketing Strategy Creation?
    1. Strategy Bootcamps
    2. Deliverables
  2. Annual Strategy Value Pack
  3. Implementation
  4. Our Plan for Success
  5. Setting Expectations
  6. Why Choose Digifianz for your Marketing Strategy?
  7. A Track Record of Success

What is included with Marketing Strategy Creation?

Only need to work on a few specific elements of your strategy such as defining your buyer personas, preparing for an ads campaign, or reviewing opportunities for improvement in your SEO strategy before launching a new site?

You can choose individual bootcamps and deliverables that coincide with your exact needs — no more, no less. 

On the other hand if you need a comprehensive strategy from the ground-up, be it to enter into a new market, start a new business, or overhaul an existing strategy, we offer a full Annual Strategy Value Pack just for you.

... So what is included in our Marketing Strategy Creation services?

Strategy Bootcamps:

Choose from a full array of 90-minute strategy sessions with our team where we will dive into everything from your buyer personas to your Ads Strategy. 

We offer all of the following bootcamps:

  • Buyer Persona & Buyer’s Journey Bootcamp: Deep dive into your target market, their key touch-points when interacting with your brand, and lead qualification.
    • Including: Complete Buyer's Journey Map and Buyer Persona Summary.
  • Brand Identity Bootcamp: Examine and define your brand's personality, value, and perspective so you can connect with your target market and transmit common brand values through your marketing. 
  • Content Strategy Bootcamp: Ensure your content is reaching your target demographic at just the right time with strategic content pillars traversing the buyer's journey as well as an SEO investigation resulting in action items for improved reach and ranking.
  • Ads Proposal and KPI Goals Bootcamp: Expand your strategy into paid media in order to support brand reputability in search results and foster quick wins while scaling content production and promotion.
  • Social Media Bootcamp: Make sure that your brand is present in the channels that your target personas visit with engaging content that attracts, converts, and delights.
  • Content Audit Bootcamp: Overview of the audit completed on your content and key points of improvement ordered by priority and impact.


Comprehensive analyses and reports to deepen your strategy and provide applicable insights, including: 
  • Keyword Analysis including targeted keywords for each of your content pillars, and strategic keywords based on the rankings of your competition.  
  • Annual Content Plan including quarterly Content Offers, monthly Articles, and distribution channels across each of your content pillars.  
  • Digital Competitor Audit comparing your company's online presence with that of your competition both with quantitative metrics and qualitative observations in regard to user experience, marketing materials, messaging, and more.
  • Inbound Blueprint Annual Strategy Core Document to serve as your central strategy reference.
  • Visual Design Guide or Design Application Guide: Define and document your company's brand guidelines from start to finish, or highlight how your current brand guidelines can be applied to marketing materials.
  • Content Audit: A full revision of the 100 most important articles on your site for best practices from both a content strategy and SEO perspective.

Annual Strategy Value Pack:

Define a new strategy from the ground up with the bootcamps and deliverables central to every strategy, all presented in a centralized presentation-ready Inbound Blueprint document. 

The annual strategy value pack includes:


We can implement the strategic elements in practical applications within HubSpot so your team can focus on operational tasks while we set up your HubSpot portal. Through our experienced consultants you'll be able to get up and running as soon as possible. 

Our plan for success:

We have a proven project methodology that we use for every project that we complete:

  1. Kickoff Call: Here we get to know each other, you will tell us a bit about your specific objectives that you have for the project, and we review timelines and expectations on both sides.
  2. Bootcamps: We will meet regularly with you for strategic bootcamp meetings, that include interactive portions for you and your team. 
  3. Project Management Meetings: If you are also completing a Marketing Hub Implementation, Sales Hub Implementation, Service Hub Implementation, or a development project with us, we will have periodic meetings throughout your project to touch base on process and get your feedback. 
  4. Off-boarding Meeting or Inbound Blueprint Presentation: Here we will review all that we have completed together, and propose next steps for continued success. 
  5. Ongoing Meetings: If you choose to execute your strategy with our team through our Strategy and HubSpot Support services, you will then have recurring strategy meetings to cover short-term, medium-term, and long-term strategy and results: 
    1. Weekly Meetings: To share progress with you, answer questions and concerns, and ensure that we are on the same page.
    2. Monthly Meetings: To review results and discuss strategy changes and modifications.
    3. Quarterly Meetings: To review the strategy top-down and discuss long-term considerations and adjustments. 

Setting Expectations:

What you can expect from us and what we expect from you in order to ensure that your project is as successful as possible.

What we expect from you:

  • Timely provision of relevant resources, accesses, and feedback.
  • Availability of an average of 90 minutes per week from all team members involved in strategy formation.
  • Availability of an average of 30 minutes per week from main points of contact to complete tasks.

What you can expect from us:

  • Continuous communication.
  • Transparency throughout our projects together.
  • Organization throughout the project supported by established processes and years of experience. 
  • A team that has your best interests at heart, since your interests are our interests.
  • Hard working and innovative team members. 

Why Choose Digifianz for your Marketing Strategy?

Digifianz has nearly ten years of experience in creating and implementing marketing strategies for companies in a variety of industries throughout North America, South America, and Europe. 

We have always specialized in HubSpot, which gives us a unique experience and perspective to ensure that your strategy coincides with the tools you use in HubSpot's Marketing Hub

Your company and it's purpose are important to us, with Digifianz you are not just a number — we manage a smaller number of clients, providing more comprehensive services, to become your strategic partner rather than a simple implementer. 

A track record of success:

While we have implemented countless successful marketing strategies, there are two past projects that exemplify the marketing strategy services that we provide:

  • With logistics leader Eternity Group, we implemented a comprehensive lead generation and content strategy, working with them on an ongoing basis to continually implement new initiatives and campaigns. 
  • We worked with the LATAM branch of DHL to 10X thier conversions from 200 to 2000 form submissions per month through an extensive lead generation strategy. We also work with DHL on an ongoing basis to continually implement new campaigns. 

Interested in taking your marketing to the next level?

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