Content Offers

Looking to convert visitors into qualified leads and establish a strong connection with your audience? Content offers hold the key to success!

This powerful content format enables you to provide valuable pieces of gated content to your visitors, capturing their email addresses in the process. By collecting their information, you gain the opportunity to engage with leads in the early stages of their Buyer's Journey, nurture them, and build trust to set you apart from competitors.

This will not only allow  you to quickly qualify leads and gain a more accurate forecast of monthly lead generation, but it also plays a crucial role in your marketing, sales, and service strategies. By leveraging Content Offers, you can inform and nurture leads, guide them through the sales funnel, and enhance your overall customer service by providing valuable resources.

Content offers can come in the form of downloadable resources, checklists, interactive tools, and pillar pages — depending on your audience’s needs. 

Elevate your lead generation, nurture relationships, and drive meaningful growth for your business with content offers tailor made to your leads and customers!


  1. What is included in our Content Offer service?
  2. Our plan for success
  3. Setting Expectations
  4. Why Choose Digifianz?
  5. Partnering with Digifianz

What is included in our Content Offer service? 

    • Project Management

    • Strategic Research

    • Outline Creation

    • Copywriting by CS Consultant
    • Content Design
    • Landing Page, Thank You Page and Thank You Email configuration

Our plan for success:

At Digifianz, we have pivoted our services to best align with the evolving landscape of content marketing produced within a post-GPT context. We combine our expertise with AI-powered tools to create compelling and impactful quarterly content offers that resonate with your target audience and drive results. Here's how we ensure your success:

  • Project Management: We will be with you throughout the entire project to provide strategic recommendations and ensure that each part of the project is completed properly and on time.

  • Strategic Research: We conduct thorough research using AI-powered tools to gain valuable insights into your industry, target audience, and competitors. 

  • Outline Creation: We will create a detailed outline including all proposed headings, key information to be included, cited sources from our research, and images to be used. 

  • Copywriting: Using the approved outline as our basis, combined with our expertise to develop captivating copy that connects with your target buyer personas, and showcases your company as a leading industry expert. You will have the option to retain either AI-assisted copywriting for an efficient turn around or 100% Craft Content from our best copywriters.

      • It’s important to remember that while AI tools like Chat GPT are a powerful tool, human input is key for positive outcomes. A perceptive editor is key to harnessing AI tools assistance while maintaining the authenticity and unique brand voice that sets your business apart from others using the tool without discretion.


    • Content Design (E-book, Infographic, whitepaper, guide or bootcamp): Referencing both the approved copy and images alongside your brand guide, we will create an expertly-designed version of your content offer that will captivate readers and present copy in a clear and creative way. 

    • Conversion Flow Formation: Landing page, Thank You Page, and Thank You Email setup and automation to capture, qualify, and segment leads while minimizing friction experienced by leads.

    With our comprehensive approach and integration of AI technologies, we handle all aspects of content creation, from brainstorming and strategy to writing and distribution, freeing you to concentrate on your core business. 

    Setting Expectations:

    What do we need from you:

    What you can come to expect of us:

    • Continuous communication.

    • Transparency throughout our projects together.

    • A team that has your best interests at heart, since your interests are our interests

    • Hard working and innovative team members. 

    • Experience in creating content across different industries. 

    Why Choose Digifianz?

    • With nearly 10 years of experience, Digifianz has demonstrated expertise in creating custom-made content marketing strategies for everything from B2C e-commerce to B2B SaaS companies.

    • Our deep understanding of content marketing best practices, ensures that content aligns with your brand’s voice, objectives, and target market, connected to your central marketing strategy.

    • Ability to develop tailored content strategies that cater to different platforms to maximize reach and engagement.

    • Knowledge of SEO principles and optimization techniques to enhance content visibility and organic reach.

    • Focus on content performance analysis and optimization.

    • Commitment to staying ahead of marketing trends and emerging platforms, providing clients with innovative and effective content solutions.

    • Consistent delivery of high-quality content that establishes clients as industry thought leaders, driving brand authority and trust.

    Partnering with Digifianz

    Experience firsthand the impact our content has had on Simplex Software,

    • A strategic ally in Inbound Marketing

    “We have been working with Digifianz since October 2017 and from the first moment we saw them as a strategic ally for the development of our inbound marketing plan. Their interest in learning about our philosophy, culture and values ​​was vital in order to develop content that, in addition to being of great informative value, perfectly reflected our essence and what we wanted to communicate. Their predisposition, accompaniment and advice make a difference. They have a great team of excellent professionals but above all great human values.”

    Juan Pablo Gutierrez, Simplex Software

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