Marketing Emails

The paper newspaper may be dead, but marketing emails are still very much alive — and a great way to connect with your leads.

If you are looking to stay at top of mind with interested leads, a personalized email marketing strategy is the way to go. Keep your leads engaged, nurture them with impactful and valuable content, guide them along the buyer’s journey, and help them come to you when they are ready for the next step.

Table of Contents

What to expect from our Marketing Emails service

    • Segmentation: We will work with you to segment your email content by target buyer personas and buyer’s Journey stages to create content that will resonate with each recipient.
    • Planning: We will research and outline key emails for everything from newsletters to promotional emails to activity-based and nutrition emails. 
  • Copywriting: Taking into account the tone and personality of your brand, we will write captivating copies for each email, working closely alongside your team to ensure that each email perfectly aligns with your brand. 
  • Publication and Automation: Using an existing HubSpot template, we will plan and send your emails via the HubSpot Marketing Emails tool — programming one-time emails and automating action-based or recurring emails.
  • Results: Due to email segmentation and well-written and researched content, we will be looking to significantly improve key email metrics: open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, and an overall improved conversion rate.

What do we need from you?

At the end of the day, we want to help you free up your team as much as possible, so we aim to work as efficiently, and independently as possible.

That said, we will need the following from your team so that we can fully understand your brand, and ensure that your marketing emails are as impactful as they can be.

  • HubSpot Marketing Professional License: In order to have full use of all necessary tools within HubSpot, a Marketing Professional license is required.
  • Brand Manual: In order to ensure that your marketing emails adhere to your brand’s design guidelines, we will need an established Brand Manual (and likely a logo).
    Don't have a brand manual? We can help!
  • Inbound Blueprint: An essential piece — in order to ensure the best possible segmentation of your marketing emails, we need to understand your company and marketing strategy from the ground up: Buyer Personas, Buyer’s Journey, and more.
    Need help forming a marketing strategy? We can help you with that too!
  • Your Approval: After outlining each email, and before it is sent, we have stages of feedback in which we will need the opinions of your team members to ensure that our work reflects the image of your brand that you want to project to the world, and complements the efforts of your team.

What services do Marketing Emails include?

Our marketing email service is fine-tuned to ensure that we are there for you at every step of the way, including:

  1. Project management: Your Customer Success team will ensure that pending items are clear and organized on both sides of the project, so you know what we need from you, what we are working on, and the status and projected due date of each item.
  2. Research and Copywriting: We will investigate topics included in each email to ensure that we fully understand them, then let our expertise shine through our copy. 
  3. Creation in HubSpot existing template: Starting with an existing email template in HubSpot, we will reflect the copy and outline created thus far within the email — incorporating relevant formatting and images.
  4. Sending automation: Save time and resources with automated nutrition and action-based emails sent after a lead takes the desired action, or as a series of recurring emails based on enrolment. 


Marketing emails are part of our recurring services offering, meaning that you will likely be working with us on a regular basis, and each stage of the creation and sending of marketing emails will be carefully planned alongside any other services we may be completed for you.

That said, here are some general time frames to give you an idea of when each step of the project will be completed (keeping in mind that your specific case may take a bit more or less time):

  • Week 1: Research and Outline
  • Week 1: Approval from your team
  • Week 1 - Week 2: Copywriting & Creation within HubSpot
  • Week 2: Final approval from your team
  • Week 2: Email sending automation and/or programming.

Looking for an exact timeframe for your project? Feel free to touch base with our team for a custom FREE quote!