Social Media Calendar

Attract, engage, and delight your audience through exceptional social media posts.


Why do it

Reaching your audience where they spend their time is key to attracting potential customers' attention and interacting with them.

Publishing valuable content on social networks will drive traffic to your website, and it will boost your website SEO.

What’s included

  • Project Management
  • Post Outline, Copywriting, Image Selection & Design
  • Animated Post Design
  • HubSpot Post Upload & Publication
  • Adaptation to Extra Social Media Networks

What it requires

  • HubSpot Marketing Professional License
  • Brand Manual
  • Inbound Blueprint

What to expect

You'll get designed posts following your brand guidelines and our marketing input that will ensure you a presence on the top social media platforms (Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook).

These posts will improve your critical metrics on social media (engagement, followers, and clicks), increase web traffic and lead generation.