Strategy Bootcamps

Starting with a solid strategy helps to avoid mistakes, ensure the optimum allocation of resources over time, and ensure that you can make agile adjustments to change.

Any good strategy should account for three main pillars, each of course containing different elements and considerations:

  1. A deep understanding of your company and where it is now
  2. Where you want your company to be in:
      • One month
      • Next quarter
      • Next year
  3. The constraints, considerations, context, and market conditions that must be taken into account throughout this journey

Through our full onboarding process of in-depth analysis and strategic bootcamps, we will define and investigate each of these points to set you up for success. 

Table of Contents

What to expect from our Strategy Bootcamps?

Gain a deeper understanding of your brand than ever before as we dig into its purpose, value proposition, and market positioning as well as:

  • Why certain tactics would work well for your brand, and which to avoid.
  • Quick wins to boost your brand in the short term.
  • Clear-cut objectives are complete with a series of long-term and medium-term action points to reach them.

Informative: Gain a greater understanding of your company and its position in the market through our dynamic bootcamps and strategic data analysis.

Trusted: Over 30 companies have trusted us to provide them with key insights through our set of curated bootcamps tailored to your company and needs.

Integrated: With a deep understanding of the most powerful features of HubSpot and the commitment to constantly learning about new functionalities, we can seamlessly reflect learned insights in our Bootcamp within your Marketing, Sales, and Service HubSpot configuration.

Instructional: Optional addition of Basic and Strategic training for your whole team in HubSpot's Sales, Service, and Marketing Hub led by our HubSpot-certified experts. 

What do we need from you?

While we will be doing the heavy-lifting of building your strategy with a significant basis of hard research and analysis, it is also vital that we receive feedback and input from your team regarding specific strategy elements. This way we can be sure to take the intangible complexities of your processes into account so the final strategy is both optimal and practical.

The availability we will need from your team is as follows:

  • An hour and a half for each Bootcamp with our main point of contact from your organization.
  • Participation of team leaders in specific bootcamps.
  • Access to existing materials and metrics, if applicable.

What services are included in Strategy Bootcamps?

So what are the bootcamps included and what is reviewed in each one? Here is an overview:

  • Kickoff Meeting: Here we will introduce ourselves, review key objectives, and review the overall project plan.
  • Buyer Persona & Buyer’s Journey Bootcamp: This Bootcamp presents a great opportunity to redefine how your leads are qualified and segmented — an essential foundation to ensure the most effective strategy possible. 
  • Brand Identity Bootcamp: Take a deep dive into the identity and personality of your brand and the values and impact that differentiate you from the competition.
  • SEO & Content Strategy Bootcamp: A full review of key SEO improvement points to implement ordered by priority and impact. Content strategy overview of key competitive content pillars for your industry. 
  • Ads Proposal and KPI Goals Bootcamp: Overview of tailor-made ads proposal and KPI goals backed by data analysis. 
  • Social Media Bootcamp: Recommendations for your social media channels including recommended post types and frequencies based on competitive performance analysis.
  • Content Audit Bootcamp: Overview of content audit and key points of improvement ordered by priority and impact.
  • Inbound Blueprint Presentation: Review of central strategic document that contains all research, conclusions, and deliverables presented in a clear order.


Ready to get your strategy completed ASAP? We completely understand, which is why you will see progress throughout each Bootcamp as well as flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs and get the most out of our time together.

The exact timeline can vary for each project to best reflect your company's needs and priorities. 

That said, the most common timeline for full strategy development is as follows:

  • Week 0: Kickoff Call
  • Week 1: Buyer Persona & Buyer’s Journey Bootcamp
  • Week 2: SEO & Content Strategy Bootcamp
  • Week 3: Brand Identity Bootcamp
  • Week 4: Ads Proposal and KPI Goals Bootcamp 
  • Week 5: Social Media Bootcamp
  • Week 6: Content Audit Bootcamp 
  • Week 6: Inbound Blueprint Presentation

Why look to Digifianz for Strategy Development?

If you are looking for a results-based strategy made by experts that think out of the box, taking into consideration the tools you use, the people you work with, and most importantly, the needs of your customers, look no further. 

Our team is HubSpot certified and experienced in design, development, and CRM configuration. This is how we can go above and beyond creating a simple strategy by considering how it will be implemented in practice.

We are not looking to be the next best marketing agency, but rather partners in your success, driven by the satisfaction of achieving your company’s objectives now and in the long term.

So, wait no more and request a FREE Demo today!