Strategy Consultancy

Exceed the needs and expectations of your current and prospective clients with a well-rounded and connected Marketing, Sales, and Service strategy

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What to expect from our Strategy Consultancy service

  • Introductory Meeting:

When you start consulting with Digifianz, we will have an introductory meeting where we will introduce ourselves, review how we work, and take time to understand the goals that you are looking to achieve within the context of the challenges that your company faces.

We will then provide strategic support from short to long term through our weekly, monthly, and quarterly sessions.

  • Weekly Sessions:

Our weekly update sessions are where we discuss advances and new challenges while providing answers to questions or concerns that have popped up since our last session.

Our weekly sessions are a great place to work through logistical and practical issues and ensure that we are in constant alignment with your team and your company’s overarching goals.

  • Quarterly Sessions:

Our quarterly sessions are dedicated exclusively to high-level strategy reviews. This is a great place to discuss current or potential changes that have the potential to affect your industry, your main objectives, and the direction of your company in general. This allows us to adjust your strategy to proactively account for today's constantly changing markets.

  • Monthly Sessions:

Monthly sessions fall somewhere between the short-term planning of weekly sessions, and the long-term vision of quarterly sessions, with a focus on results over the past month and targeted changes to be implemented.

What do we need from you?

We are here to support your team in all of your strategy needs, taking on a large portion of strategy formation and investigation. That said, the perspective of your team is invaluable when evaluating the feasibility and effectiveness of key strategy points and ensuring that they are implemented in the best way possible, which is why we ask for your participation in the following:

  • Full team availability for 60-minute monthly meetings and quarterly strategy meetings — yes, that means decision-makers too!
  • Availability of the main point of contact from your team for 30-60 minute weekly meetings.
  • Ambition to grow: we approach each project with energy and excitement — are you on board?

What services does Strategy Consultancy include?

Here is an overview of the main elements that make up each strategy that we create:

  • CS Manager certified by Digifianz and HubSpot: We hire the best so you can go farther.
  • Optimizations and quick wins: Gain immediate boosts that help to support our extensive strategy work in the long run.
  • Consultancy and resource sharing for long-term strategy building: We give you tools that will not only help you to grow with us now but will also help you become specialists yourselves as you learn along the way.
  • Recurring follow-ups over projects and results: Follow through that ensures that your strategy is bringing real results, not just looking pretty on paper. 
  • Report building and detection of challenges or new opportunities: Allow for nimble and timely changes in your strategy to ensure maximum adaptability to changing requirements and market conditions.
  • Coordination of all other Digifianz resources included in your scope: to ensure that every CRM configuration, design, website development, marketing campaign, sales process, and service process plays an integral role in reaching your goals and objectives.

Timeline for Strategy Consultancy

What happens when you start consulting with us? Here is an overview of the timeline that you can expect:

  • Introductory Kickoff: a meeting where we will get to know one another. We discuss your main goals and objectives as well as the plan for our entire project together.
  • Strategy Bootcamps: if you have decided to include our comprehensive onboarding analysis and plan for your company, we will start off with a series of bootcamps targeted toward each element of your strategy. 
  • Weekly Meetings: To answer questions and concerns, and ensure that we are on the same page. 
  • Monthly Meetings: To review results and discuss changes. 
  • Quarterly Meetings: To review the strategy top-down and discuss long-term considerations and adjustments. 

Why carry out a CMS project with Digifianz?

With a team of strategy experts backed by a full team of implementation specialists, Digifianz is fully equipped to take on any challenge that you have to send our way. 

  • Puzzled by HubSpot? We can train your whole team and configure your entire HubSpot portal with your strategy front and center. 
  • Is there a chasm between your strategy and sales or service processes? We can fix that too, with a strategy-based sales process revision or service process revision to get the most out of all your hubs.
  • Simply looking to boost your strategy game and take your business to the next level — we have you covered.

If you are looking for a growth partner that takes pride in the work they do with you and responsibility for each strategy point, while celebrating wins with your team along the way, get in touch with us!