HubSpot CMS Website Development by Digifianz

With HubSpot CMS you can easily create and personalize website pages for every visitor — optimized for conversion across every device.

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What to expect from HubSpot CMS Website Management

You'll have a website that converts more leads, designed to respond to UX research insights, market best practices, and your potential customers' needs. 

We'll implement your current (or re-designed) website on HubSpot following a clear and previously defined roadmap. 

What do we need from you?

What services does HS CMS Website Management include?

When you choose to work on your website with Digifianz and entrust us with its development within HubSpot CMS, you will receive:

  1. We will start with a CMS Bootcamp where we will listen to your needs, help you define the objectives of your website, and show you what possibilities exist within HubSpot CMS to do what you need. Based on this, we will define a tentative site structure, we will create the project Gantt and we will give you the guides to configure the DNS in HubSpot.
  2. Then we will carry out a UX workshop, where it is key that you share with us who your buyer's personas are in advance, we will present the results of the card sorting that we carry out to define the information architecture of the website and the structure of the site. It is important to finish the workshop with the approval of the structure and architecture in order to start designing.
  3. Before making the designs in high definition, we will make some low-resolution wireframes, to define the content to be displayed on each page of the site, and its navigability, and propose the modules that we believe are optimal for displaying each section.
  4. In parallel to the Wireframes, our design team will be designing the web elements that make up the UIKit of your website (styles of buttons, forms, information cards, titles, paragraphs, etc).
  5. In case you have contracted the service, our team of copywriters will review the wireframes and propose improvements in the wording of the entire site in order to better communicate the message.
  6. Before moving forward with the prototyping, we will do a UI Bootcamp, where we review the UI Kit and the interface wireframes.
  7. Now yes, with the objectives, structure, content, and UI Kit approved, our team of UI designers will get to work to design and prototype your website in Figma. They will create mobile and desktop prototypes of all the pages of the site.
  8. We will have a design correction instance to be able to adjust the details that are not to your liking.
  9. Once the design is approved, it will be time to move on to development in HubSpot CMS. Our web development team will program your entire website module by module. By working with modules you will be able to clone or eliminate the sections that are needed and your website will never be old again since you will be able to update and change it as many times as you want without the need for technical knowledge.
  10. To finish in the closing of the project, we will evaluate all the doubts you have regarding how to manage your new website and we will deliver videos showing the operation of each module together with useful HubSpot CMS documentation.

Timeline for HubSpot CMS Website Management implementation

Our team can design and develop a HubSpot CMS website in approximately 2-4 months, depending on the complexity of the project and design expectations. We can even execute other processes simultaneously such as:

Why carry out a CMS project with Digifianz?

Your website is your most important marketing asset. Therefore, it deserves an appropriate tool to manage it.

The HubSpot CMS is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) Content Management System designed to help businesses grow their web presence. 

This CMS empowers non-technical content creators to build, measure, and iterate on content independently while working within design, style, and functionality guardrails that we, as developers, can set up.

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