HubSpot Marketing Hub Custom Implementation by Digifianz

HubSpot Marketing Hub collects all your contact data in one easy-to-use platform that allows companies to follow up and manage all content, social media, email marketing, ads, and more in one place.


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What to expect from HubSpot Marketing Hub

We'll handle the time-consuming process of creating the Marketing Hub so your Marketing Team can focus on what they do best: marketing.

They'll be able to manage marketing assets (landing pages, emails, and social media posts), track their success, and generate reports in seconds with our help.

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What do we need from you?

Your time is very important. Before we start, we'll tell you everything you will need during the process, so you can be ready on time:

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional License or higher.
  • Availability for selected Bootcamps: Generally 60-90 minutes each.
  • Weekly availability with a main point of contact to review weekly status emails or attend 30 to 60 minutes status meetings with Digifianz.
  • 90 minutes from your team for each training session.
  • Feedback at set points along the process so we may transpose key strategy points to HubSpot, and activate new assets.

However, you don't have to worry! We will guide you through the process so that each step is super easy to implement.

What services does Digifianz’s HubSpot Marketing Hub onboarding include?

  1. Planning: Marketing Strategy Bootcamps, and qualification alignment with the Sales Process. This includes a definition of the lifecycle stages, buyer personas and content pillars.
  2. Implementation: We guide you through the entire Marketing Hub set-up process.
    • Privacy and Consent Setup & Account Notifications Settings Setup: Turn on GDPR functionality and enable; cookie consent banner, notice and communication consent checkbox form field, unsubscribe links for sales one-to-one and sequence emails. Setup of notification settings in Account & Billing Categories.
    • Users and Teams Configuration: Strategic team structure, roles and permission configuration. Pre-training users upload according to specific roles.
    • Tracking Code Configuration Setup: Installation of the tracking code on the website.
    • Brand Kit Setup in HubSpot: Setup of different Brand Kit assets; company logo, default colors, and company information displayed on meetings links, sales documents, quotes, chatflows, and other HubSpot content.
    • Buyer Persona Upload: Add buyer personas under the Persona HubSpot Property, setting up automations for property based categorization.
    • Social Media Network Integration: Connect social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube) to HubSpot in order to create and publish social posts, and track social media engagements.
    • Paid Ads Network Integration: Connect Ad accounts (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads) and activate Ad tracking in HubSpot.
    • Domain Configuration: Domain connection and hosting setup to publish HubSpot-hosted content online and email sending.
    • Lifecycle Stages Setup: Setup of workflow automations based on properties and form submissions to set the Lifecycle Stage HubSpot Property for Company or Contact Records.
    • Lead Scoring Setup: We will set up the HubSpot score property to define attributes that add or deduct points from contacts when they meet a certain criteria.
    • Custom Properties Creation: Creation of contact or company custom properties (Single checkbox, Multiple checkboxes, Date picker, File, Number).
    • Records Customization: Customization of default object creation properties and record sidebars: properties & sections.
    • Chatbot Setup: Use HubSpot Chatflow Tool to create a live chat or bot with one specific objective: conversion, support, content sharing.
    • Conversations Setup: Set up a conversations inbox, users and connect to existing channels (team email, chatflow, form).
    • Marketing Dashboard Configuration: Setup of a dashboard that focuses on your main marketing indicators, activities and goals.
    • Topic Clusters Setup: Setup of strategic main new topics, attach main topic content (own or example to beat), add recommended subtopic keywords and supporting existing content.
    • Email Marketing Setup: Configuration of default email size, colors, email footer information and subscription settings.
    • Form Configuration: Initial setup of campaign forms: Subscription forms, Content Offer forms, Events forms, Contact forms.
    • CTAs Setup: Initial setup of campaign CTAs for Subscription, Content Offers, Events, Contacts.
    • Blog Setup: Blog's general settings setup: subscriptions, language, comments, social sharing, authors, tags.
  3. Team training and workshops: Marketing tools training, strategic usage training and personalized workshops.
    • Marketing Team Basic Training: 90 minutes training session introduction to HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub basics (email integration, calendar integration,contacts creation and management, companies creation and management, properties, lists,  ads, email, social, landing pages, blog).
    • Marketing Team Strategic Training: 90 minutes training session about HubSpot Marketing Hub strategic tools (lead capture (CTAs, forms), conversations, workflows, campaigns and reporting).

Timeline for HubSpot Marketing Hub Implementation

Our HubSpot implementation team can execute a successful Marketing Hub setup in under two months. We can even execute other processes simultaneously such as:

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Why Implement Marketing Hub with Digifianz?

Here are three key points to consider:

  • Experience: Working with a HubSpot partner who is certified in Marketing Hub Functionalities can help you avoid growth pains and shorten the learning curve. Anticipating challenges based on previous experiences ensures a better setup from the outset.
  • A unified vision: Consider the needs of your marketing team, as well as the needs of your customers, sales, support teams, and best practices for your Marketing Hub layout.
  • Take full advantage of Marketing Hub: HubSpot partners' understanding of the Hub and Hubspot CRM as a whole guarantees that your marketing process is represented in HubSpot while utilizing HubSpot features that will assist and agilize your marketing operations and minimize pain points.

As Defiers, we challenge the status quo of the traditional 'client' 'agency' relationship in favor of long-term partnerships based on genuine outcomes.

When we integrate HubSpot Marketing Hub, our objective is not only to flawlessly reflect your marketing process in HubSpot, but also to support you along the way and fully explain the configuration so that you may utilize all of the Marketing Hub products independently.

We have years of expertise onboarding organizations of various sizes to HubSpot and reflecting their marketing process in their Marketing Hub configuration - experience that enables us to include your marketing process in the most beneficial and successful way possible.

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