HubSpot Service Hub Implementation

Turn your customers' headaches into opportunities to showcase your value to them. Improve customer satisfaction and retention by strengthening your support processes with Hubspot’s Service Hub tools


Looking to reduce churn and increase the efficiency of your service processes?

From onboarding to support, thoughtful and efficient service processes are key to gaining and keeping the approval of your customers so you can reduce churn and gain new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations.  

For this reason, it's vital that you strategically implement your service processes with complete alignment with your sales and marketing teams to ensure that they are customer-centered while making efficient use of your resources. 

Here at Digifianz, we will expertly implement your service processes within HubSpot's Service Hub with these objectives in mind. HubSpot's omnichannel Service Hub tools will keep your customers delighted throughout each touchpoint with your team. You will then be able to report on each process to ensure efficiency and compliance with Service KPIs.


What services does Digifianz’s HubSpot Service Hub onboarding include?

  • Service Strategy Creation or Optimization: Here we will take a close look at your current service processes or create new processes that meet the needs of your customers while helping you get the most out of HubSpot. You can learn more about how we optimize service processes here.
  • Quality Assurance Workshops throughout Implementation: Full service process QA meetings and corrections through implementation stages with leaders.
  • Ticket Pipeline Configuration: In our HubSpot Service Hub service process implementation we offer, support form configuration, custom properties, required properties, pipelines, ticket stages, automations, notifications, documents, snippets/templates/sequences setup.
  • Users & Teams Setup and Team Inbox Configuration: Strategic team structure, roles and permission configuration. Pre-training users upload according to specific roles.
  • Database Migration: One database file migration of contacts, companies and tickets (includes column and row group modification to fit HubSpot default and personalized properties as well as asset associations).
  • Knowledge Base: Set the knowledge base domain, customize knowledge base access, set base language, favicon selection, set support form, activate related articles, customize article feedback consent and existing articles upload just like this one.
  • Support Bot/Chat: Use Hubspot's Chatflow Tools to create a live chat or bot with one specific objective: conversion, support, content sharing.
  • Satisfaction Surveys: Setup of customer satisfaction survey, customer loyalty survey or conduct customer support survey.
  • Service Reports Dashboard: Setup of a dashboard that focuses on your main service indicators, activities and goals.
  • Service Team Tools Training: 90 minute training session introduction to HubSpot CRM and Service Hub (email integration, calendar integration, personal meeting link, calling tool, email signature, contacts creation and management, companies creation and management, use team inbox and chat, service activities: notes, email, phone call, tasks, schedule a meeting).
  • Service Team Advanced Pipeline Training: 90 minutes training session about HubSpot Service Hub's main tools (personalized fields, using sequences for automated follow-ups, ticket creation and management, pipeline stages step by step overview).
  • HubSpot AI Tools Team Training: Here we will demo HubSpot's native AI tools, Content Assistant and Chatspot, and how your service team can use these tools to streamline their day-to-day work within HubSpot. 

Our Plan for Success

  1. Kickoff: At the start of your project, we will hold an initial kickoff and project planning meeting where we will get to know each other and more about your company. We will then review the main objectives that you would like to achieve with HubSpot Service Hub.  
  2. Service Strategy & Implementation: We will take the time to review and optimize your service strategy including existing and new processes. 

    Once your service strategy has been finalized, we will implement your final service process within HubSpot, updating you on our progress and requesting your feedback along the way so that your service process is able to meet the changing needs of your customers and organization.
  3. Team Training: We will make sure that your service team is fully prepared to work in HubSpot, from Service Hub Basics, how to use each tool within your service processes, and even how to leverage AI tools within HubSpot, such as Chatspot and Content Assistant. 
  4. Project Closure Meeting: In the final meeting for your Service Hub implementation with us, we will review what we have done through the project, and make sure you are set up for continued success with HubSpot.

Once your Service Hub implementation is complete, you will also have the option to continue receiving ongoing support from our HubSpot experts.

While we implement your Service Hub, we can also take on other services such as:

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Setting Expectations

How you can get the most out of our services:

  • HubSpot Service Hub Professional License or higher.
  • Timely provision of relevant resources, accesses, and feedback.
  • Weekly availability with a main point of contact to review weekly status emails or attend 30 to 60 minutes status meetings with Digifianz.
  • In the event that you are completing strategy bootcamps with us, some weeks will require  60-90 minute availability from strategic team leads for the project.
  • Team trainings will require 90-minute availability from your team.   

What you can come to expect of us:

  • Continuous communication
  • Transparency throughout our projects together
  • A team that has your best interests at heart, since your interests are our interests
  • Hard working and innovative team members

Why Implement Service Hub with Digifianz?

Working with a qualified HubSpot implementation team can help you learn your customer lifecycle, plan it out, and identify areas where further customer engagement may be implemented.

Take a look at three important advantages that should not be missed:

  • Experience: Avoid growing pains and break the learning curve by working with a HubSpot partner that is certified in Service Hub Functionalities. Foreseeing challenges from past experiences ensures a better setup from the start. 
  • A unified vision: Take into account the needs of your Service team without losing sight of customer needs and your marketing and sales teams — while also considering Customer Service and HubSpot best practices.
  • Take full advantage of Service Hub: The knowledge that HubSpot partners have of the Hub and HubSpot as a whole ensures that your service process is reflected in HubSpot while incorporating the features of HubSpot that will help to enable your service team, and reduce points of friction when your clients need you most.

Our goal is that you feel us as an extension of your team as we work together to achieve your objectives.

When implementing HubSpot’s Service Hub, our goal is not only to seamlessly reflect your service process in HubSpot, but also to assist you along the way, clearly explaining the setup so that your Customer Service representatives can focus on what is most important — your customers and finding solutions to their problems.

We have years of expertise onboarding companies of all sizes to HubSpot, allowing us to adjust your HubSpot setup in a way that streamlines your service process and prioritizes your customers.

Wondering if Digifianz is the right fit for your Service Hub Implementation?

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