HubSpot Sales Hub Custom Implementation by Digifianz

HubSpot Sales Hub which comes with all the tools you need, to grow your business in one integrated platform.


Table of contents: 

What to expect

Your sales process will be planned with one of our CRM experts who will then set up the entire process in HubSpot so your sales team can save time and effort with a fully automated pipeline that fits the needs of your clients and your team. 

What do we need from you?

Your time is very important. Before we start, we'll tell you everything you will need during the process, so you can be ready on time:

  • HubSpot Sales Hub Professional License or higher.
  • Availability for selected Bootcamps: Generally 60-90 minutes each.
  • Weekly availability of a main point of contact that can review weekly status emails or attend 30 to 60 minutes status meetings with Digifianz. 
  • 90 minutes from your team for each training session.
  • Feedback at set points along the process so we may transpose key strategy points to HubSpot, and activate new assets.

However, you don't have to worry! We will guide you through the process so that each step is super easy to implement.

What services does Digifianz’s HubSpot Sales Hub onboarding include?

  1. Planning: The primary goal is to gather the information needed to develop the new sales process:
    • Sales Process Bootcamp: Detailed review of buyer's journey, current sales process and pain points. Discuss potential improvements, HubSpot tools integrations and automations, with the main objective of obtaining the details necessary to create a HubSpot oriented new sales process blueprint.
    • New Process Plan review meeting: Strategic document detailing the implementation: custom properties, required properties, pipelines, deal stages, automations, notifications, documents, potential snippets / templates / sequences / playbooks, quotes and signatures, team structure and permissions.
  2. Implementation. We guide you through the entire Sales Hub set-up process:
    • Quality Assurance Workshops Throughout Implementation: Full sales process QA meetings and correction implementation stages with leaders.
    • Users and Teams Setup: Strategic team structure, roles and permission configurations. Pre-training users upload according to specific roles.
    • Pipeline Implementation: HubSpot Sales Hub sales process implementation: custom properties, required properties, pipelines, deal stages, automations, notifications, documents, snippets/templates/sequences/playbooks setup, quotes and signatures.
    • Custom Deal Properties: Create custom properties to store unique data for your business.
    • Sequence Setup: Plan objective specific automated email ans tasks sequences for important steps in the sales process.
    • Database Migration (including property review, CRM preparation, and import): One database file migration of contacts, companies and deals.
    • Sales Reports Dashboard. Setup of a dashboard that focuses on your main sales indicators, activities and goals. 
  3. Team Training and Workshops: Providing your staff with the skills and information they need to manage tasks:
    • Sales Team Basic Training: 90 minutes training session introduction to HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub basics (email integration, calendar integration, personal meeting link, calling tool, email signature, contacts creation and management, companies creation and management, sales activities: notes, email, phone call, tasks, schedule a meeting).
    • Sales Team Pipeline Training: 90 minutes training session about HubSpot Sales Hub main tools (Lead Status property, personalized fields, playbooks, using sequences for automated follow-ups, deal creation and management, pipeline stages step by step overview, quotes).

Timeline for HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation

Our HubSpot implementation team can execute a successful Sales Hub setup in under two months. We can even execute other processes simultaneously such as:

  • The formation of a new Marketing Strategy.
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub setup.
  • HubSpot CMS Implementation and the setup of your website in HubSpot.

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Why Implement Sales Hub with Digifianz?

HubSpot's sales enablement is incredibly thorough and is designed to meet the demands of sales teams from both small and large businesses. Many operations may now be automated to assist your sales staff in selling more efficiently and quickly.

These include email tracking, email automation, template and sequence production, and meeting scheduling. Also, using reporting, acquiring important insights to focus on the appropriate opportunities at the right time and prioritizing your sales.

HubSpot partners receive priority access to upgrades and work with all of HubSpot's functions on a regular basis, making them platform experts. Their expertise and direction may guarantee that the sales staff can concentrate on what they do best, while the HubSpot installation consultants handle the rest.

Here are three key points to consider:

  • Experience:  Avoid growing pains and break the learning curve by working with a HubSpot partner that is certified in Sales Hub Functionalities. Foreseeing challenges from past experiences ensures a better setup from the start. 
  • A unified vision: Take into account the needs of your Sales team without losing sight of customer needs and your marketing and service teams — while also considering Sales Hub and HubSpot CRM best practices.
  • Take full advantage of Marketing Hub: The knowledge that HubSpot partners have of the Hub and Hubspot CRM as a whole ensures that your Sales process is reflected in HubSpot while incorporating the features of HubSpot that will help to enable your sales team, and reduce points of friction with opportunities and reduce time to sell.

As Defiers, we challenge the status quo of the traditional 'client' 'agency' relationship, and instead look to create long-lasting partnerships based on real results. 

Our goal when implementing HubSpot's Sales Hub is not only to seamlessly reflect your sales process in HubSpot, but also to assist you along the way, clearly explaining the setup so that you and your Sales Team are not only able to execute and document sales activities from within HubSpot but, also to leverage existing tools to improve the documentation of sales activities and speed up sales processes.

We have years of experience onboarding companies small and large to HubSpot, reflecting their sales process in their Sales Hub setup — experience that allows us to incorporate your sales process in the most useful and effective way possible.

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